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Makes it all worth it

In January of 2018, White Water Writers delivered a fantastically successful camp at a Secondary School in Staffordshire. We don't normally share positive feedback from camps but this one struck such a chord with the team that we just had to share it! 'Hi I wanted to say [...]Read more

What is it like to volunteer with White Water Writers?

This week we have a blog post written by the lovely Rakaya who volunteered on a camp this summer! Read on to learn more about the amazing experience that is White Water Writers!   My introduction to White Water Writers came during my first year at uni [...]Read more

White Water Writers is recruiting!

We're looking for someone to join the White Water Writers team! This role will be responsible for the delivery of the ‘White Water Writers’ project.  This innovative project gives groups of young people the chance to collaboratively write and publish a full length novel in one week. [...]Read more

WWW Newsletter 20/06/2017

Camps Coming Up So after lots of to-ing and fro-ing, we've hopefully managed to sort the next two camps for the following couple of weeks. I am most excited about the camp being held at Guru Nanak Sikh Academy, as  I think I have already mentioned that this [...]Read more

More Success – Featured In TechMutiny Magazine

White Water Writers was lucky enough to be featured in the prestigious TechMutiny magazine this month! We feel really pleased that White Water Writers  is being noticed by the tech world and we can only hope that by appearing in publications such as TechMutiny that more influential [...]Read more

Be More Creative – White Water Writers at Keele University!

Last week as part of the Be More programme held at Keele University, Yvonne ran a White Water Writers camp for students. Be More is the last two weeks of the academic year, during which the university put on a range of activities, workshops and events that [...]Read more

WWW Newsletter 06/06/2017

Camps Coming Up We're currently trying to rearrange a few camps as we have the MediaWall project to accomodate in early July. Which is very exciting but does mean we have a couple of small obstacles in terms of arranging camps. We also need to get on [...]Read more

National Association of Writers in Education

A celebration is in order here at eQuality Time! Our very own Francesca Baker has been published in the prestigious NAWE magazine!     Francesca has contributed a fantastic piece to the magazine that explains all about White Water Writers. She describes the writing camp where students [...]Read more

WWW Newsletter 19/05/2017

Camps Coming Up After the Abbey Manor College camp in a couple weeks, we then have a repeat camp being held in the last week of June at Queens Elizabeth School in Barnet, Hertfordshire. This will actually be the third year in a row that a White [...]Read more

WWW Newsletter 12/05/2017

Camps Coming Up Our next camp due is Abbey Manor College in South London, which we are quite excited about.  Abbey Manor is a pupil referral unit, and is home to students who really can benefit from a different style of learning. It's great that we get [...]Read more
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