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Peril, Part 1

This is part of a two part post – the below was written at the time, the following post I wrote just recently (three or so months after it happened) 
Picture of a bulldozer hitting a human
(This is, I kid you not, what you get if you look up ‘peril’ on flickr). I love this picture…) 
It’s been a complex day here…
I’m (Joe) at a school for another White Water Writers camp. We were booked to do two camps at half term and we’ve got five of our volunteers delivering them. I’m here as well because this is the volunteers’ first camp.  I’m here as a safety net and to give them feedback at the end of each day. Once they’ve finished one camp under my supervision they’ll be able to lead their own without me looking over the shoulder.
This camp is a bit difficult because there are slightly special circumstances.  You see, one of the things that is key about the TooManyCooks process is that is has a natural upper limit: if you put any more than ten people in a group then group coherence falls down, the groups don’t necessarily bond well and the plot lines become defuse and disordered.
Due to one of those miscommunications that hit all projects from time to time, we found ourselves with 26 writers on Monday morning that needed to be fitted into two groups of ten.
I found out that we’d have 26 on the Friday night, and spent a certain amount of the weekend working out a solution (hat tip to Nava Tintarev for being an excellent sounding board). We’ve got an idea, we’re going to try it, and we’ll let you know how it went on Friday :)

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