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Volenteer intake

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White Water Writers are looking for 25 students who would like to help run creative writing camps for school children.  We run non-residential writing camps and get groups of 10 pupils together who write an original novel over the course of a week.

We’re running a introductory “What it’s all about” session on Tuesday  07 June and we’d love to see you there.  Details are at the bottom of this page.

We have 25 places for students to train as camp leaders: on your first camp you’ll be assisting one of last year’s undergraduate volunteers as they lead their own camp.  You’ll be given a team of ten writers, a writing prompt, and the following Monday morning, they’ll be able to buy their novel on Amazon.



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Over the course of the week, you’ll see the writers grow in confidence, ability, and self-respect and you’ll be a big part of helping them make a dream come true.

You’ll be fully trained and supported and your expenses will be reimbursed (including the cost of your DBS check, which we’ll arrange).

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You’ll all be well aware that this is the sort of role that looks excellent on a CV, but it’s also it is a truly rewarding project. Your involvement will be helping to directly impact the lives of the young people you will be positively inspiring.

If you are interested, we’re running a introductory “What it’s all about” session on Tuesday  07 June from  17:00 in K2.40 KINGS BLDG.   Please drop us a line on contact@whitewaterwriters.com to let us know you are coming.

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