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Westminster Academy

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We are done! Thank you everybody!

This page is devoted to the novel Sound of Madness, written by eleven students at Westminster Academy during their half-term.  Westminster Academy was the site for our first experiment with compressing the five day project into four days.  Our project started at 9am Tuesday 26th May and finished at 3pm Friday 29th May.

During that time this page was a living document that updated both automatically with information about the novel (such as wordcount – the final novel was 14,712 words) and manually with photos, tweets and other media. Now that the sprint has finished this page is a static record of information about the novel.


Here are our intrepid band of writers during brainstorming:

2015-05-26 09.40.18


…and here’s a sneak image from the first day’s brainstorming….

2015-05-26 12.52.17


…and a quick one from drafting on the second day:


2015-05-27 09.00.23





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