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Writing Camps

DSC00328 To write and publish a book, for many, is a once in a lifetime opportunity. For others, it always will be merely a dream. White Water Writers aims to make dreams come true through a fast-paced, white-knuckle, intensely focused week-long experience relying heavily on teamwork, communication and determined, inspired yet-to-be-published authors.

White Water Writers ‘camps’ are non-residential and run from Monday to Friday. Typically we run camps for groups of up to ten pupils in their own school. Each day of the camp runs from around 9am – 3pm (the exact time is decided by the school). Pupils are required to take a break from their normal routine for the week to solely focus on this project. All we require from the school is one member of staff to be present and the use of a dedicated space for the week (with x10 PC’s or laptops in for each participant).

DSC00283The camps are facilitated by fully trained and DBS checked student volunteers. Most are taking part in the project as a work placement forming part of their degree. The benefits of using student volunteers is the fresh ideas and energy they bring to the role but also in closing the gap when relating to the young people taking part in the project.

The camps are intense. They are hard work but the result at the end is worth it. The books that are written are treasured for years and will be passed on to family and friends as concrete achievements, always to be remembered. If you would like to know more, please see our FAQ’s or contact us for an information pack. Alternatively, you can book online now.


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White Water Writers is an eQuality Time intervention.