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WWW Newsletter 19/05/2017

Camps Coming Up

After the Abbey Manor College camp in a couple weeks, we then have a repeat camp being held in the last week of June at Queens Elizabeth School in Barnet, Hertfordshire. This will actually be the third year in a row that a White Water Writers camp will be held at the school which is just fantastic.

They produced some really great novels with very professional looking covers, so we are looking forward to the results of this year’s camp.

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Speaking of repeat camps, last year there was a camp held at Guru Nanak Sikh Academy and they have got in contact with White Water Writers to find out when they book us again! It’s a real testament to the work being done that schools are so keen to hold repeat camps.

Comedy Charity Cheques – Royalties From Books

Last week we began getting in contact with all the schools we held camps at in 2016 in order to begin processing all the royalties. The decision of what to do with the royalties should be left up to the student authors as they did all the work! Rather sweetly, most of the schools choose to donate the money directly to charity.

Which got us thinking, whilst donating the money what about trying to garner a bit of press? What about getting hold of the large comedy charity cheques for some great photo ops?

After a quick google, the cost of single use cheques was revealed to be rather costly however there is also the option of a reusable cheque. This would first be decorated with the White Water Writers artwork whilst leaving the payee details blank and then laminated, allowing one to wipe clean after each cheque and then reuse it.

We’re interested on gathering opinions on this idea, any suggestions?

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Stats And Figures

Our ambitious project to contact all of London’s state schools for the SHINE grant is starting to show fruit.  Here are our updated school stats for the week. Steadily going up as always!

This week, we’ve been sending out lots of follow up (badgering) emails and from this, we’ve managed to secure a few more leads, so hopefully they will become bookings in the next couple of weeks!

Records Schools Emailed Schools Called In talks with Handover Booked
13/1/17 225 134 30 5 3
30/1/17 225 134 34 9 5
03/02/17 264 134 35 10 6
13/02/17 264 160 35 11 7
28/02/2017 308 160 38 11 12
17/03/2017 307 202 43 13 12
23/03/2017 307 202 44 13 12
28/03/2017 307 202 44 13 12
05/04/2017 409 202 44 13 12
21/04/2017 409 202 48 13 12
27/04/2017 409 227 49 13 12
05/05/2017 409 227 53 15 12
12/05/2017 409 245 54 15 13
19/05/2017 409 245 57 17 13


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