A Demon's Paradise

Cover of camp Joe2020 A Demon's Paradise

‘It is time.’Most of them have never left the island, the furthest any of them have ever been is barely a mile offshore. Now they will go further than they ever expected. ‘For friendship.’The world seemingly ended for the Pa-unang when they were banished to the small island with nothing but the trauma caused by the memories of the war. They were forgotten by the rest of society, presumed dead many years ago. 500 years later, they have evolved and grown, into something never seen before.Those who won the war, however, have evolved into something very different. They are much the same at first sight, but some among their number have harboured a malicious mindset to destroy what they believe, had destroyed them.The two sides of the long-past war meet again. Things have changed, and neither side is ready for what comes next….