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Being selected for the project has made the students realise that staff see, and value, their academic potential and strong personalities. Also, the students were unaware how much they could achieve when working independently, as their timetable is highly structured and supported. They surprised themselves- A teacher in Stoke

We are interested in young people who need something different. They might be gifted and talented students who aren’t being stretched, they might be writers who are having trouble with how education is structured. We’ve worked with writers across the UK, along with Nigeria, the Netherlands, and Japan.

As a teacher, you know lots of students who might really benefit from this, but you have probably also seen lots of external groups over-promise and under-deliver. That’s our big problem as an organisation: nobody believes what we do is real until they see it. We have lots of wonderful repeat customers, and we adore going back to the same schools year after year, but we would like to reach more and more writers.

Here’s what we do try and be as reassuring as possible:

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It was difficult selecting the students because of [NCOP]. So there were some where I thought oh God how they going to managed? Because maybe writing isn’t their strong point but actually to see it all come together, how they worked and how they became so dedicated to the book, didn’t they? They just wanted it to be a success and they really genuinely cared about how successful it was. So I think from that I was like ‘oh wow, I wish you cared this much about MacBeth’. Member of staff at a multi-academy trust

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