Deception of Success

Cover of camp WA2012 Deception of Success

“My senses heighten. Every snapping twig sends jolts through my spine... I can no longer tell up from down.” The end has brought a new beginning, when young teens try desperately to ‘fit’ into the adult world - only to get lost in a tangle of corporate mess. Darren is a seventeen year old boy who has constantly tried to please his father. Though that seems to be impossible, he believes his plan to create a group business with his friends will be the final solution. Blinded by greed, the four friends struggle to get their business noticed. Fencing and betrayal follow. Playing a dangerous game of Cludo, who will win and who will be hurt along the way? What happens next...? Bloody chases, lies, treachery, death and pain. What more could you ask for? A crime-thriller with a twist!