Grimm State of Mind

Cover of camp I5 Grimm State of Mind

The October half-term is as always wet and grey, but for a group of teenagers thrown together on a drama project, it’s a time to discover who they are, and find a way to take their next steps in a world filled with uncertainty. Each have their own ‘backstories’ and motivation and like the characters they play, must find a way of letting go and moving on. It’s Wednesday already and the performance will take place on Friday evening. Dylan’s mum is in hospital and he’s only doing this because she wants him to. Doris has been given a week respite by her newly appointed social worker, and Damon has only joined in the project to work off the cost of replacing the plate glass he smashed at the theatre. Patricia and Delius are as usual palmed off anywhere that is handy for their parents. Somehow they must pull together to form the ‘Hansel and Gretel’ company and create the best performance yet for their director Anthony. There is a deeper and more mysterious narrative played out on stage. Obsessions and tragedy, both unseen and unspoken, and the ‘Magic of Theatre’ grips the very heart of the production. The startling similarities of protagonists and Director are interwoven in this narrative delight. What is happening to the Towns of Stoke-On-Trent? How are Anthony’s obsessions affecting the real world. Who are the unseen? And will the characters on stage resolve their own inner conflicts. The curtain calls....What wonder lurks behind?